4 Ways Laminam Boosts Hygiene In The Home

As the world’s leading brand of thin porcelain sheets, Laminam is a popular choice for a number of reasons. It’s strong, flexible, durable, easy to clean, has myriad applications, and is scratch and stain resistant. What’s less well known is that Laminam is also one of the most hygienic surfaces available. 

Thanks to Japanese technology developed in the late 1960’s, all Laminam ceramic slabs have been treated with Hydrotect technology.

Hydrotect slabs are considered an eco-compatible product, which means they are able to produce chemical and biological reactions to destroy bacteria. The processes require no electricity, energy or renewal of compounds to maintain the reactions over time, making it eco-friendly. 


Here are four ways Hydrotect can help promote a healthy living environment.

  1. Antibacterial

Laminam slabs eliminate bacteria on contact, even in rooms without windows or natural light sources. The antibacterial activity of Laminam has been verified according to ISO 27447. 

Laminam’s low thickness of 3.5mm–5.5mm and large size 1m x 3m also reduces the amount of grout lines required. With less grout, it lowers the favourable area the bacteria use to multiply. Because it’s easier to clean, it’s more hygienic.

  1. Self-cleaning

Hydrotect surfaces have what’s known as ‘super hydrophilic’ properties. This means that when water is applied, a film is produced to lift up and make it easier to wash away dirt, thereby making Laminam self-cleaning.

Outside surfaces with Hydrotect also react with the Sun’s ultraviolet rays and decompose any organic matter, neutralising nitrogen oxides with a self-cleaning effect. 

  1. Anti-odor 

This antibacterial effect of Hydrotect helps eliminate unpleasant odors that occur from the spread of bacteria and germs.

  1. Air purification

When the Sun shines on Hydrotect protected Laminam, the surface creates activated oxygen. Pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxide or Sulphur Oxide that come into contact with the activated oxygen at the surface are changed into harmless material.

Laminam is suitable for cabinetry cladding, benches and external facades creating seamless walls and floors. When used during renovations, Laminam can be placed directly over existing surfaces. If it’s versatility required any further proof, Laminam’s fire resistance makes it safe and regulation compliant as an external cladding material.

Hydrotect technology not only looks good, it’s protecting homes, workplaces & public spaces from unwanted bacteria and pollutants. 

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