A life of luxury

Luxury. An elusive ideal that many desire and few achieve.

However, true Luxury is not defined by material worth. It is not the watch on your wrist or the label of your shirt.

Luxury is a state of mind and a state of play. It is the unmistakable feeling of pride and pleasure that that comes when one surrounds themselves with sophistication, beauty and comfort in all its tangible and emotive forms.

Luxury is not abundance. Luxury is quality.

If you’re looking to incorporate elegance and character into your design project with maximum durability and timeless appeal, Signorino Tile Gallery would be privileged to assist in creating or elevating your life of luxury.

Travertine Onyx

Travertine is the common name for land formed limestone. Applications of this classic and smooth stone date back to the Ancient Romans and can be seen in many of the worlds most treasured churches and basilicas. In modern design, travertine is enjoying a renaissance on account of its neutral timeless tones and versatility. It is an understated beauty that has and will never date.

Travertine Onyx is at home in any commercial or residential space. Mined in Italy, Travertine Onyx is vibrant, irregular, and delicate and will easily blend into any setting with its striking patterns and tones. The layers and composition give Travertine Onyx a unique and inimitable beauty.

Blue Roma Quartzite

Mined in South America, Roma Quartzite is a high-quality natural stone widely used in commercial and residential projects and is a popular choice for benchtops, flooring, and cladding and exterior applications.

The stone’s steely blue tone is rare in the natural world and complements the natural lustre of the prominent gold and caramel and distinctly circular veining.

Statuarietto Marble

While you may not be familiar with Statuarietto by name, you have likely seen elegant white Italian marble used in design. It is a timeless and popular selection among renovators and architects alike and can be found in homes and commercial spaces around the globe on floors, benchtops and features mosaics.  The natural stone has a white base accented by swirls and veins of grey. It is equally at home adding character to modern spaces or enhancing a traditional aesthetic.

Cosmic Gold

Cosmic Gold’s dramatic tones and durability has made it one of the most popular stones to use in modern interior design whether as a accent bench top, feature bath, opulent bar area, or used throughout a new construction.

Cosmic Gold is a natural example of the most striking colour combinations in the world. In colour theory and psychology, Black and Gold are opposites on the colour wheel so when viewed together, they trigger a neurological reaction called  ‘opponent processing’ – an internal battle between dark and light. The powerful contrast stimulates the brain, leaving you feeling energised and inspired.

Grand Antique

Grand Antique can truly take your breath away.

High contrast white and dark marble makes for a dramatic look, elevating an existing space by adding depth and dimension.

The Ancient Romans were the first to mine the material called ‘marmum celticum’, exporting it to Rome and Constantinople. Its wide use includes decorating some of the greatest masterpieces of architecture, Hagia Sophia and St. Peter’s, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Cecilia’s Basilicas in Rome, and St. Mark’s in Venice.

Arabescato Rosso

More often, we are seeing designers experimenting with different palettes to create a colourful space that has a captivating yet harmonious aesthetic.

One stone definitely achieving this effect is Arabescato Rosso. This stone contains undulating veins in shades of red, pink and orange. Some bold and daring, while others are gentle and serene. Combining this stone with complimentary or neutral tones in your other finishes is a fantastic way to make a space look magical, feminine or dramatic.  A stunning choice for your home.

Sahara Sands

It’s very evident why Sahara Sands Marble is such a sought-after stone in interior design. It has beautiful on trend tones of warm grey and pink which are reminiscent of the desert sands, giving this stone a natural earthy and sophisticated feel. This stone can be used in any room in your house to maintain a neutral palette but still have detail and interest.

The smooth finish creates a natural texture ideal for indoor and outdoor use because of its weather-resistant properties.

Green Abbey Marble

Green Abby Marble is a beautiful, high-quality natural stone that has become popular among renovators and architects. The natural hues of green, white, and ivory make for a serene and soothing natural colour palette that will feel fresh and inviting in any home design.

The stone can be used to create a range of finishes, from simple slabs for paving or benchtops to more elaborate custom designs such as fireplace surrounds.

If you’re looking for a natural stone with a unique look but without the expense and maintenance, Green Abbey Marble is perfect.

Rainforest Green

This is not your average run of the mill marble. Rainforest Green, mined in India, gets its name from its striking and exotic looks. Layers upon layers of texture and colour, in tones only mother nature can create are what make this type of stone so unique and beautiful.

One look at the dazzling slabs, with their vibrant hues ranging from light green to dark brown, will have you falling head over heels. Rainforest Green is an excellent option because despite its complexities it has a soothing shade, making any space feel relaxing and balanced.

Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue is a beautiful and versatile stone quarried off the coast of Africa that can be used to create a natural, rustic look in your home or showcase an elegant, contemporary style.

Lemurian Blue is a stone that has been mined for centuries. It’s rich with mineral deposits that appear to glow and reflect light, giving it a blueish-green hue. The perceived colour of this stone can vary, some see it as green while others may find shades of grey, purple or even gold within the same stone.

Recently we have seen more homes using this stone for both interior and exterior design with its rich shades of peacock blue, green, black and bright turquoise.

Patagonia Quartzite

Patagonia Quartzite is quarried in South America and is famed for its density and durability. The stone, which was once largely ignored by architects, has seen an increase in popularity because of its incredibly collection of earthy tones that are both rustic and refined. The natural colours are rich and dramatic but subtle enough to incorporate any design.

If you’re looking for something that’s both beautiful and rare, Patagonia Quartzite is a great choice.