The Design Files Open House – Post Event Wrap Up

As the dust settles on The Design Files Open House 2017, we take the opportunity to recap the truly excellent event, and or shed some light for those who missed out.

A uniquely curated event, The Design Files Open House brings together pieces from dozens of the best makers, designers and artists in the country, with major supporting partners for 2017 including Cult, Miele, Dulux and Dan Murphy’s. The result: an installation encompassing the ultimate Australian home. After a two year hiatus, Open House returned, staged in a warehouse space at the Collingwood Arts Precinct. Much to our delight, Signorino were approached by kitchen and laundry specialists Cantilever Interiors who sought to incorporate Signorino’s Italian Terrazzo slabs as part of their own installation at the event.

Utisiling 3 of Signorino’s “Bianco Neve” slabs, Cantilever were able to create 3 stunning benches spanning across their bespoke kitchen and laundry installation. In-line with the overall pallette dreamt up by The Design Files, Cantilever’s K2 kitchen system displayed at the event features beautiful pastel two pack pink along with veneer for a playful yet luxurious aesthetic. One could be mistaken in thinking Signorino’s Bianco Neve was custom designed for the installation – the soft white style featuring large Carrara marble chips was the perfect compliment to the cabinetry surrounding – it certainly could not have found a better home.

The kitchen and laundry weren’t the only place to find Signorino’s Terrazzo tops at Open House. Having fallen in love with Cantilever’s Terrazzo samples, Lucy Feagins – founder of The Design Files – simply had to have more. With a mandate of “boldness”, Signorino’s T229 Green chip slab was hand selected as part of an overall jaw-dropping bar that proved a hit with visitors to the event. Topped with an incredible selection of fine alcohol via Dan Murphy’s as well as a collection of exquisite glassware, its no wonder the piece was the object of so much affection!

Special thanks to Cantilever Interiors and The Design Files for the invitation to participate in such a wonderful and successful event.

Photography by Eve Wilson and Martina Gemmola, courtesy of The Design Files and Cantilever respectively.