Five Ways Tiles Can Make Your Bathroom Pop

With an endless variety of tiles, deciding on a design that suits your style and gives your home that edge can be a long and difficult process. When you’re trying to make an impact you want to avoid going over the top, and likewise you don’t want to underwhelm.
Let’s look at five ways tiles can make your bathroom pop.

  1. Choose an unusual layout

    A good starting point for redoing your bathroom is considering an unusual tile layout, rather than an unusual tile design. This small consideration can make a big impact on the room. A tile laid in herringbone, diagonal or straight-lay can create interest and give the bathroom a textured look. Stick to a plain or muted colour so the overall effect isn’t lost, or ensure the design and colour palette enhances the effect.

  2. Consider the size of the tile

    There are a few tricks to finding the perfect sized tile for your bathroom and it comes down to room size. A small tile can look fussy in a big bathroom, which can actually make the room feel smaller overall. Whereas large, oversized tiles are perfect for a big bathroom. The proportions help give scale to the room and lend to a grand feel.
    Take advantage of tile shapes too. Vertical lines through rectangular tiles draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. Considering the size, and shape, of the tile is an important first step in narrowing down the tile selection for your bathroom and greater, home.

  3. Select a mosaic or feature tile

    Mosaic or feature tiles create a great mix in a bathroom and break up straight geometry. For maximum impact use them sparingly and position them purposefully, such as in a niche, a shower recess or behind the vanity or a freestanding bath. Not strictly reserved to a kaleidoscope of colour, mosaics can be arranged in muted and single tones to offer reprieve from a single colour and pattern that may otherwise dominate a bathroom. Likewise, feature tiles don’t have to contrast in colour or tone, they might just be adorned with a distinct pattern in the same colour or shade as the other tile selection.

  4. Stone

    Natural stone is not only a value-adding option, it also offers an entirely new design aspect to a bathroom outside of the realm of ceramic and porcelain. A dark variety of Marble such as Nero Marquina, or a limestone such as Pietra Natuca are obvious choices for something in a moodier realm while something like travertine lends itself to light, raw aesthetics—think Moroccan or Desert abode. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Terrazzo is synonymous with a luxurious look that can be either modern or classical. Consider your colour choice and accompanying fittings and stylings to swing contemporary or old-world.

  5. Mix and match your tiles

    Mix and match your tiles for different effects and test combinations to see how colours and patterns play off each other. Choose large geometric floor tiles and interrupt the design with smaller tiles peppered throughout. Feature a wall with a different layout or tile selection to the rest of the room to grab attention or highlight a particular area of the space.

    Ultimately, selecting the right tile for your bathroom comes down to your personal style. There is a wide range of tiles available in porcelain, natural stone, and terrazzo tiles. Choosing a tile that is not only the right finish but the right shape and colour can make the process a little overwhelming. So make sure you take your time, come up with a mood for your bathroom, explore options and ask for a professional opinion.

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