How Tiles Can Bring Value To Your Home Renovation

Whether you are renovating for your own lifestyle, to repair degrading infrastructure or to improve your home before sale, you want to ensure that the works completed add value to your property.

This can be a challenge as your budget for trades services and materials need to be lower than the overall value added to your property.

So, you want to ensure that you get this balance right, using the best quality materials in your budget for the best possible result—while also adding that extra value to your home.

Tiles are an excellent way to achieve this balance, with quality Signorino products adding enormous value to your property as well as a range of other benefits.


How kitchen and bathroom renovations add value to your home

First, recognise the areas of your home that can add the most value to your property before splashing out on updates.

For example, you could spend $50,000 on a luxury swimming pool and landscaping. But that will only add that $50,000 to the total value of your home, there is no actual profit to be made.

The kitchen and the bathroom, however, are widely regarded as the key value-add spaces. 

The key is to invest in the right materials when giving the kitchen and or bathroom a facelift. Select products that are going to look good and stand the test of time, like quality tiles. 

Eye-catching, a distinct tile will elevate the appeal of the surrounding space. 

Signorino tiles—why they are the perfect choice for your renovation

When it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom, your choice of tiles and benchtops is critical.

Find a complementing size, shape, and finish that suits the rest of the look of the space—are you going for understated appeal or a glamourous centrepiece? 

Signorino has a range of tiles including natural stone, Terrazzo, and porcelain and Laminam. They can be directly stacked on existing surfaces in some applications too.

Consider that in both the bathroom and kitchen, porcelain holds up against heavy usage, excess moisture, and often staining and scratches. Alternatively, stone can more than stand the test of both environments. 

Whatever your selection, rest-assured these high quality finishes will pay dividends. 

Signorino offers a large range of contemporary, modern and classic styles, colours and patterns to complement any renovation. Using only the best suppliers, our range of stone and tiles will easily withstand heavy foot traffic and cleaning without chips or signs of wear.

A high-end finish will lend a high-end look, inching up the price prospective buyers are willing to pay for your home come auction day. 

You can view our range of tile options at Signorino, 484 Church St, Richmond, or for more information phone us on (03) 9427 9100.