How to work in the Pantone colour of the year at home

This year is the year of Classic Blue, the Pantone colour of the year. Well, to be precise, it’s PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. Which seems fitting after the start to the year. But rather than creating spaces that leave you feeling blue, design ones that feel warm and invite a range of welcome emotions. 

Blue is associated with feeling calm and tranquil, and can also help us concentrate and feel peaceful. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. From replacing your splashback with natural stone tiles or jazzing up your art collection, here’s how you can work Classic Blue into your home. 


Furnishings and Features 

Some bold blue art or soft furnishings is a subtle way to include colour, particularly quite bright ones like Classic Blue, in a space. Blue figure paintings are on trend so start with small changes like including art and continue to make bigger changes from there. 

Smaller soft furnishings like a reading chair or bar stools are a fun way to try out colour. Or for an Art Deco look think about painting your TV unit in Classic Blue. 

To go one step further, think about changing your cabinetry to Classic Blue. The regal colour will add a touch of elegance to any space and does a great job of making a bathroom feel luxe or adds a French provincial flavour to a kitchen. 

If you just want to dip your toes in the colour, try some cushions and floral arrangements in a neutral space or see how you can compliment an existing bright and colourful space with the addition of classic blue. 

Another option is using natural stone or tiles to add colour to a space. 

Natural Stone and Tiles 

Replacing your kitchen benchtops with a Terrazzo benchtop, fireplace mantel or splashback tiles with statement stones or tiles is a really smart way to brighten up a space. 

If you have a feature wall or furniture in Classic Blue, try incorporating a stone like Carrara Blue or Invisible Blue. Alternatively, complement with feature tiles like Marina Square tiles, or use coloured Terrazzo on large surfaces. 

Natural stone tiles do particularly well in high-traffic and high-use spaces as well, so they make for a great choice in kitchens or bathrooms—which are both typically neutral coloured spaces. 

Each slab of natural stone is also unique, so your feature splashback could look quite different to the next one using the same stone. This means that you can have your own take on a trend. 

Signorino Tips

With colour, you can either choose to compliment or contrast the feature.

If you’re going for a colourful space, pick a palette that compliments Classic Blue. If you’re wanting a blue feature to stand out, stick to a neutral palette throughout the rest of the space.

Terrazzo slabs and Terrazzo benchtops can add a bold conversation starter to kitchens, especially ones with blue colouring. They can stand on their own amongst a more subdued colour palette, or you can compliment the colouring with your cabinetry, splashback or furnishings and decorations.

We recommend extending the motif throughout the house for a more cohesive look. For example, if you include a portion of a blue Terrazzo slab in the kitchen as a splashback, use the same slab in your bathroom vanity or fireplace if you have one. Likewise, make the most of a natural stone slab and break it down to use it in multiple elements of your home. 

So, where will you start?

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