Selecting a hero colour

Picking a hero colour for your home is difficult. There’s pressure to get it right. It’s even more daunting when you think about how you’re going to make it work through your entire house.

However, the key isn’t just picking the right colour; it’s choosing where you’re going to put that colour. Here are some helpful hints to navigate the task.

Before selecting the colour, you will need to decide where you want it to feature. The best locations are generally in high traffic or central rooms. This will probably mean the kitchen or living room.

Think about how much you want to feature the hero colour. Walls are obvious choices, but there are areas in a kitchen which allow for a hero like benchtops, splashbacks, cupboards or even trim.

Keep in mind which rooms are visible from one another. Do a walk around to see which rooms are clearly ‘linked’. Maintaining colour cohesion in your home it will help to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Now you have where you want the hero; it’s time to pick the colour.

For a sense of calmness, go with a monochromatic palette ideally in soft colours such as shades of blue. It is said that blue helps to stimulate clear thought and lighter, soft blues calm the mind. To achieve the monochromatic effect, select your preferred primary colour then complement it with both lighter and darker shades. Natural stone such as Invisible Blue is perfect for genuinely working into a monochromatic palette.

Bold colours such as yellow, gold, orange, red and purple are great for adding emotion to a room. Whether you want to project confidence, strength or even comfort, lighter shades of these colours will add character. If you’re going to contrast colours, it’s best to select a colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel. Natural stones such as Quartzite Cristallo Rosa or Cosmic Gold are perfect for adding a bit of drama to a room.

For a sense of luxury, it’s all about incorporating neutral colours like white, beige, brown and even deep reds. Neutral colours provide a great deal of flexibility; they can be big and bold or soft and subtle. The best way to project luxury is to focus on the details, use a pale colour like beige but complement it with rich red or brown trim. These details can appear anywhere whether they are a Forest Brown natural stone benchtop or a red Bordeaux mosaic tile in the bathroom.

While picking a hero colour can seem daunting, breaking the process down will help to build confidence in your decision. Products like natural stone, porcelain and tiles are a great way to feature colours or act as subtle compliments to an overall aesthetic.