Signorino using certified antibacterial Microban

A clean home helps to keep our family and friends safe from unseen threats.

Certain bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes on unprotected surfaces. In fact, there’s more bacteria on one hand than people on the planet.

Thanks to ongoing work at the Panaria Group Research Centre and an agreement with the global leader in antibacterial technology Microban, Signorino porcelain stoneware and laminate stoneware tiles are designed with more than just aesthetics and durability in mind.

They incorporate biological health and safety for our living, leisure and working environments. 

Thanks to technology based on silver, our tiles are protected by an antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on treated surfaces. 


How does it work? Our Nextone range contains Microban offering both design aesthetic and antibacterial protection. During the production process Microban is integrated into the tiles. Once applied when bacteria comes into contact with the treated surface, the Microban reacts and blocks the metabolism of the bacteria. This interrupts the bacterias lifecycle, leaving it unable to survive. 

Microban provides continuous protection against bacteria, unlike using disinfectant that only lasts for a short period of time. This makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas like the kitchen, kids playrooms or a reception area.

Combined with a regular cleaning routine, Microban ensures your surfaces are safe helping to keep the people around you healthy.

To find out more about our Microban treated products, visit the Signorino Tile Gallery at 484 Church St, Richmond or call us on (03) 9427 9100.