Terrazzo gives a modern twist to your home

Terrazzo, a product with a very long history, is great for a modern twist in your home. It might be thought of as an old-fashioned material but it’s incredibly popular among new builds and renovations.

Terrazzo is a composite material, made from ground up natural stone offcuts or marble chips set in cement. Originally used to stretch materials further, the beautiful and incredibly hard wearing product that resulted has well and truly lasted the test of time.

Though it’s a traditional material with a lot of history, modern production methods and the plethora of colouring has really revamped Terrazzo as a stylish product to use. From sizes to colours we look at how Terrazzo tiles and slabs give a modern touch to any makeover.

Multiple sizes for interior spaces

Large format Terrazzo tiles or Terrazzo slabs are a great way to not only add colour but enhance the look of a space. The larger format products are perfect for a splashback or an entire Terrazzo benchtop too. These larger tiles or slabs are trending in interior design.

While smaller feature tiles might be used to break up a neutral wall or liven up a bathroom floor.

Terrazzo Bathroom

It’s also important to consider the sizing of the pattern of Terrazzo. Whether there’s exaggerated chunks with plenty of spacing, or very little spacing set, or hundreds of tiny fragments scattered. These considerations are important depending on the look you’re going for.

Another important factor is the colouring of Terrazzo.

Colour palettes to suit your home

Thanks to modern advances in Terrazzo production, the colouring and patterns are ever-expanding.

Each slab or tile is a designer blend of chips of marble, quartz, granite and other materials set in cement. There are bold colours like our 940 or the warm reds and oranges of EM-1026, or the more subtle blue of the T229. There are a range of coloured terrazzo tiles and slabs.

Terrazzo Benchtop

Terrazzo can be used for a variety of design elements from adding a pop of colour to your bathroom to framing a pool in something like darker Edelweis tile.

Though colour is a hallmark of more historic styles, like mid-century, it can really help add a modern feel to any space.
In contrast, a darker toned tile can lend a more stark and futuristic aesthetic to your space.

Modern look

The revival of the Memphis Design look has helped spur Terrazzo’s strong stocks. Memphis Design was actually born in Milan, Italy in the 80’s and was a reaction against the mainstream design queues. It leaned on the bright colours and ‘fun’ of pop art as well as very hard or very curved geometry like squiggles or zig-zags. Terrazzo was also a big player in Memphis Design.

Modern looking Terrazzo

The larger format tiles and terrazzo slabs mean you can have a continued pattern no matter what shape it’s fabricated into.

A terrazzo shower could even be a good alternative to a feature bath.

Traditionally, kitchen’s are neutral spaces but the addition of a Terrazzo benchtop can give your home a modern look. The bold colouring and eye catching pattern makes for a real statement piece in any kitchen.

It lends a striking touch to otherwise reserved colour palettes or pieces, like a terrazzo stool top or coffee table, and can really elevate a space.

To learn more about Terrazzo, and how to incorporate it in your home, visit our showroom at 484 Church St, Richmond or call us on (03) 9427 9100.