Terrazzo: thinking outside the square

Terrazzo is experiencing a renaissance, finding popularity amongst home products and even as a feature in stylish goods. 

Terrazzo is a material that can be used in a multitude of applications, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and outdoors. But it doesn’t have to be confined to just walls or floors. Coffee tables, bench seats, just about anything you can imagine.

Even the Hollywood Walk of Fame is made from Terrazzo, including the famous stars themselves. 

So just where does Terrazzo come from and how else can it be used? 


The history of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite material originally made from tile offcuts. It has a long history and is renowned for its durability. The word Terrazzo translates to terrace in italian and was invented in 15th century Venice. The material is incredibly durable, like other natural stone. Terrazzo combines the beauty of marble with the strength of concrete or clay. As a way to make supplies last longer, marble and tile offcuts were placed in clay and ground flat.

The introduction of epoxy-based Terrazzo in the 1970’s allowed for a greater range of colours and the inclusion of other materials, like glass, metal and even seashells. This also helped pave the way for the production of stunning Terrazzo slabs and tiles.

Anywhere you might see stone traditionally used, you can give it a modern twist by substituting it with Terrazzo. 



If you’re looking for a new statement piece to stand out in a space, forget the Mid-century teak table or bold cabinet and instead look to Terrazzo for inspiration. 

Some really interesting applications for Terrazzo include custom coffee tables made from a Terrazzo slab. We’ve even supplied Terrazzo tiles for stool tops to match a project’s flooring and compliment a marble benchtop. 

Coffee table: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7rgqPYpUZN/ 

Stool tops https://www.instagram.com/p/ByESPwPl3cY/]

It’s not uncommon to see Terrazzo pots and planter boxes as a home for houseplants now either. Like other stone pots, they help keep soil moist and warm, promoting growth. Whatsmore, depending on the colouring found in the particular pattern, the pots themselves could compliment colouring in indoor spaces or really make a centrepiece for a gorgeous garden. 

That’s not all for the great outdoors either. Outdoor kitchens make great additions with Terrazzo benchtops. We’ve also seen dining tables and side tables as a great way to include the product in the kitchen without installing a Terrazzo benchtop. Custom sinks and basins could really lift a bathroom too if you wanted a focal point in a more sparse space. 

A particularly unique application of Terrazzo can be seen in tableware sets. Because the same great qualities that make Terrazzo so suitable for kitchens, means it translates well to the surfaces we eat off. Qualities like being durable, water resistant and scratch resistant make Terrazzo perfect for serving plates or trays and dining sets. 



Just as Michelangelo carved David from stone, Terrazzo can be used for beautiful sculptures, and modern or abstract art. 

For more functional art, look out for candleholders and decorative vases. 

For something more personal, Terrazzo slabs can be cut into smaller pieces for use on Art Deco inspired jewellery too. 

There’s also a growing trend for Terrazzo print fashion, which makes the stone wearable art. Though, we think it’s art already. 

So where do you see yourself using Terrazzo next? Don’t forget to keep an eye out when you can visit galleries and restaurants again, you might just be appreciating some Terrazzo in all its beauty—or eating off it. 


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