The Judd House Ep.10: Billie’s Ensuite

Design: Biasol Design | Build: The Melbourne Builder | Photos: Armelle Habib  & Simon Shiff (unstyled) | Furniture, Art & Objects: Bree Leech


As with the boys’ bathroom, Pirincess Billie’s ensuite aims to bring her personality into the space by revamping the colour palette of the finishes. Where the boys’ bathroom turned grey to navy and brass to black, Billie’s ensuite adopts pink and white respectively.

Like in the boys’ bathroom, Billie’s ensuite keeps the vanity bench top consistent with Signorino’s Super White natural stone. As mentioned in our first introduction of the Super White in the kitchen, this particular selection of the stone features blushing pink veins on close inspection, making it perfect for many of the spaces it’s installed but most particularly this one. It was a big reason why Bec just had to have these slabs when selecting at Signorino Stone Gallery.


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