The Judd House Ep.13: Clubhouse

Design: Biasol Design | Build: The Melbourne Builder | Photos: Armelle Habib | Furniture, Art & Objects: Bree Leech


The clubhouse is a beautiful little multi-purpose space found beside the Judd’s tennis court. Equipped with lounges and a beautiful kitchenette, it’s the perfect spot for some quiet secluded downtime or for a breather between sets.

Through the magnificent steel archway doors is a beautiful Grey Tundra marble floor laid in herringbone format – matching the out outdoor dining, pool and alfresco areas revealed previously.

Found on the clubhouse’s kitchenette is another familiar finish – porcelain slab’s by Laminam, in the same Pietra Di Savoia Grigia colour used to finish the outdoor kitchen. This shrewd selection will ensure that the kitchenette is a low maintenance area that can be skipped in the regular cleaning regime. Shaped to match the clubhouse’s archways, the Laminam provides one final clever touch in home that never missed an opportunity to elevate the ordinary to something extraordinary.


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