The Judd House Ep. 4: Good Front Room

Design: Biasol Design | Build: The Melbourne Builder | Photos: Armelle Habib | Furniture, Art & Objects: Bree Leech


The Good Front Room – also known as the nice and quiet formal lounge where the kids aren’t allowed. These rooms usually have a strict “special occasions only” policy, where seemingly anything short of the Queen staying for tea is not special enough. Even still, she better use a coaster.

A special room calls for special details, and Signorino’s Cipollino Ondulato Rosso marble gets things off to a good start. An entirely natural exotic material featuring a blend of blues, blushing reds and whites is a feature in itself, and ties in nicely with the colours of this room and other rooms throughout the home. But the ways it’s been used throughout the long cabinet that lines the far wall – that’s where things lift off. The eye is drawn to the Cipollino from across the room, thanks to a striking upstand and wraparound detail that ensures it cuts through the blushing palette from a distance.

But wait, there’s more. The beautiful fluted glass door panels create a teaser to matching internal shelving clad in Cipollino, the last trick in Jean-Pierre Biasol’s design. It would’ve been a shame to hide so much of this beautiful marble, and in avoiding doing so, Jean-Pierre has created one of the very special details in the home.


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