The Judd House Ep. 5: Staircase & Study

Design: Biasol Design | Build: The Melbourne Builder | Photos: Armelle Habib | Furniture, Art & Objects: Bree Leech


The Signorino Staircase

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Well the spiral staircase known as the Signorino Staircase is what greets you as you enter The Judd House, and it sets some very lofty expectations. It’s right up there with our favourite features of the home, and chances are we’re not alone.

The spiral masterpiece is draped top to bottom in the same gorgeous selection of Emperador Grey marble we’ve seen through the lounge and bar areas. The stone, together with the minimalist and monochrome elements around it, put a contemporary spin on the home’s original grand centrepiece. It very much sets the tone for the entire house, and that tone is very, very good.

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The Study

If the staircase was our favourite feature, the study might be our favourite room. This is the space in the home that goes rogue, breaking away from the consistent colour palette revolving around greys, blues and pinks in favour of earthy greens. But such is the genius of Jean-Pierre Biasol’s design, a few familiar elements such as brass pulls and fluted glass ensure it ties back to the rest of the home.

How do you tastefully introduce green into the finishes of a luxury home? Green marble of course! Because two is always better than one, the bookcase employs a tandem of green marbles to create a yet another special stone feature for the home. Dark and “foresty” Verias Green marble forms the upper shelving, whilst Ice Green and it’s mossy blotches provide the main bench-top. From there Ice Green well and truly takes over the room, headlined by the absolutely phenomenal fireplace hearth constructed of the material. Much like the staircase, this feature takes the charm of one of the home’s original grand features and makes it something fitting of a contemporary home.



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