The Judd House Ep.8: Main Ensuite

Design: Biasol Design | Build: The Melbourne Builder | Photos: Armelle Habib & Simon Shiff (unstyled) | Furniture, Art & Objects: Bree Leech


The next compartment of Bec and Chris’s private sanctuary is their beautiful Main Ensuite. Like in many rooms, creativity with natural stone is a major feature in the ensuite, including some new design tricks that give some real wow factor.

Through The Judd House we’ve seen Super White stone and we’ve seen stone-clad draw fronts… but what’s new on the ensuite’s phenomenal vanity are shaker-style draw fronts created in Super White stone. As if it wouldn’t have been beautiful enough without it, this inset effect undeniably takes the unit to another level and elevates the luxury feel of the statement piece.

The ludicrous details don’t stop there, in fact they just get better. The vanity’s shaker draw fronts vein match the Super White side panels, in what is one of our very favourite details in the entire home. It’s a relatively understated touch, but it’s one that enhances the impact of the stone in the most tasteful way imaginable.


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