The Natural Stone Tile Difference

There is only one building material that has stood the test of time, from humanity’s primitive beginnings to the technological marvels of today’s society—stone.
These wonders of nature are slowly created over time, using natural elements to create immaculate, unique designs. Each tile and slab is one-of-a-kind, depending on how deep in the earth it was excavated from and how long it took to form. At Signorino, we search the planet for the finest selection of stone formations—whether it be Travertine, Marble tiles, Quartzite, Limestone and Granite—and bring them to Australian shores. And don’t worry about the maintenance, we’ll give you a solution that will eliminate the stress.
Natural stone is also environmentally friendly, because its, well, natural. You can mix it with other natural and sustainably sourced materials too.



Of all the natural stone at Signorino, Travertine is one of the oldest known to humanity.
This fact adds a sense of historic prestige to your home. Each design is forged over millions of years by mother nature.
Travertine typically comes in softer, earthier hues. Weathering in outside environments adds further character to a product that already has its own individual patina.

Signorino: Silver-Travertine


The familiar favourite, Marble is what most people think of immediately when a stone is mentioned.
It has a classic, timeless aesthetic and is often the first choice for those looking to improve their home. Marble can imbue a lux feel, or contemporary statement depending on the hue and pattern you select.

Signorino: Timeless Marble Calacatta Floor Tiles


Quartzite is a very popular choice. With its translucent ravines of quartz and colour-rich patina, Quartzite typically comes in bright green and orange hues.
Chances are, you’ve seen a green feature countertop or splashback in magazines lately. That stone you’re looking at is Quartzite. Bold colours and hard finishes are en-vogue.
This stone is the perfect option for bathrooms and kitchen counters, where you want to make a statement. It also boasts extreme resistance to heat, stains and even fire.

Signorino: Quartzite Cristallo Rosa


Limestone has always been a popular building material for churches and cathedrals, which maintain their elegance over time.
The simple fact that Limestone is used frequently in high traffic areas like shopping centres points towards its durability amongst the stone types.
Did you know, Limestone is crafted at the bottom of the ocean?
The characteristics of the stone that the earth produces changes over time, but the Limestone being produced today is delivering classic, neutral tones in blacks and greys—tones which are highly popular in the Melbourne market.

Signorino: slatenatural100x300


Typically found in white, pink, or grey hues, Granite is a stone that contains quartz in varying levels.
Red and blue Granite is particularly rare, so seek out a slab in either colour and tone for a standout touch to your home.
Granite, like Marble, is one of the oldest traded and purchased stones in history. The ancient Egyptians used it for symbolic stone statues too, so you know it’s a safe bet for a luxury touch in your home.
It’s well known for its strength and durability too. It’s heat resistant and scratch-resistant, and being a natural stone, it’s a sustainable material.

Signorino: Granite Stone


Make it last

If you love the look of stone benchtops but are worried about maintenance, then sealing your stone with TuffSkin is the solution. Tuffskin is a polyester film that will protect your stone from etching, staining, and heat. It even passes the red wine test.
And how does it look? TuffSkin comes in two finishes to make it virtually undetectable when applied to either polished or honed slabs. You’ll hardly notice a difference in finish or colour.
Natural stone can be used artfully and masterfully in a building. Which is why Signorino has a collection of natural stone slabs on display at the Signorino Stone Gallery right here in Melbourne.
The Signorino Stone Gallery is purpose-built and designed to showcase the very best of all of the natural stone products available, including Travertine, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, and GraniteThese displays include white stones as well as grey, dark, beige and coloured varieties to highlight the different aesthetics you can play with to make your home a work of art.


Contact us on (03) 9427 9100 to arrange an appointment at our Stone Gallery to view our extensive collection of stone.​