Ways To Incorporate Colour Without Paint

We all love to bring our homes to life with colour. Outside, bright flowers and plants bloom. Inside, paintings, photos, furnishings and feature walls help steer colour schemes.
There are some rooms in the home, though, that can still suffer from a case of “dull-droms”.

In particular, our kitchens and bathrooms can appear drab because of the neutral colours of appliances, storage spaces and benchtops. But that doesn’t have to be the case.
There is a way to bring life to these spaces with tiles that stray from traditional to eclectic, timeless to ultra-contemporary.

The benefits of tiles over paint

Using paint in spaces with high humidity like the bathroom and kitchen means constant maintenance. The paint is far more likely to become damaged, faded, or swell because of the volume of moisture in the air. Paint can also present a fire hazard in the kitchen because of its chemical makeup.

Tiles eliminate these problems completely. They are easy to clean and maintain and don’t suffer from exposure to moisture or heat.

They can resist extreme levels of heat and many are highly stain resistant—making them perfect for the kitchen, or child-proofing the home.

Mould and fungus can also grow on painted walls in high-moisture, whereas porcelain tiles are impervious to moisture and humidity.

Best of all, tiles don’t have to be boring. Signorino’s huge range offers designs and colours to suit any décor, bringing colour to spaces that are often drab.

Signorino options for your home

Here at Signorino, we have a large range of quality porcelain tiles and porcelain slabs, natural stone, Terrazzo tiles, as well as wall tiles and mosaics. Our products are all durable and designed to stand the test of time.

Want to feature a splash of colour in your bathroom? Our Opal range of wall tiles includes a spectrum of blues, greens and warmer tones.

Or our mosaic range offers a perfect solution for feature elements in a space, like in a shower recess or as a splashback. A visit to our Tile Gallery will give you plenty of options to bring colour and life to your home.

The colours of choice in 2020

With a little creative inspo, you can dress your home up with colour using statement art pieces and bold furniture.

Classic blue is the Pantone colour of the year, so look out for home decor in this colour like plush pillows or vintage bric-a-brac. Green, the colour of nature, is also tipped to be a big trend this year. Find subtle shades for lux furnishings or find a feature slabs in our Ice Green terrazzo range.

Remember, less-is-more is the key here. Stick to a consistent colour palette with your decisions, or add a pop of colour to muted spaces.


You can view our range of tile options at Signorino, 484 Church St, Richmond, or for more information phone us on (03) 9427 9100.