For over 50 years Signorino has grown from strength to strength. With John Signorino at the helm, Signorino has grown from a small shop front in Brunswick to the industry leader in luxury stone and tiles in Australia. But John felt it was time for change. Time for Signorino to reinvent itself.

COVID-19 presented the Signorino team with the perfect moment to ignite the new era of Signorino,” says John.

Turning the current COVID-19 environment into a positive, both the Tile and Stone Gallery showrooms have been completely refurbished and the Signorino team are ready for customers to see and embrace the showrooms fresh image.

For John, it was also a moment to take stock and focus on the future.

It’s time to raise the bar and make a statement,” he says.

Reinvention of a classic

When customers and clients visit the updated showrooms, John is certain they’ll be impressed.

There are new floor to ceiling stone slab displays that reach six metres and are backlit by LED lighting. These slabs represent the latest stone arrivals, featuring Elba, Elba Blue, Haemus, and Volakas.

Customers are invited to walk around the stone to experience the natural beauty within each piece. To see them and envision them within their own homes and design projects.

Speaking on other updates, John Signorino explains two key new displays.

We have constructed an elaborate Terrazzo Display in the Tile Gallery. The grand display, a massive eight by three metre wall, focuses on Terrazzo that suits today’s look,” he says.

A new 19 selections have been hand picked for the wall, while a total of 100 Terrazzo samples can be seen through the showroom.

To further highlight Signorino’s products, an impressive bathroom has been recreated right in the Tile Gallery itself.

See just how Signorino products bring a space to life with an exacting replica of the Capitol Grand Penthouse bathroom that has been built within the showroom,” John says.

As customers move around the showroom, they’re invited to inspect a range of floor podiums that are downward lit by LED to create an ethereal glow.

The new podiums feature some of our most popular tiles: Damastas, New Tundra, and a Classico Travertine.

Customers and clients can also walk right on top of the stunning stone with the relaid floor using full-slab panels of stone.

For the centerpiece, a sculptural display has been created depicting various cubes crafted from the new Anthology range. Each cube highlights the different new shapes, colours and sizes available in the range.

The Stone Gallery has received a number of new additions too, including a beautiful Onyx display. John suggests customers take a moment to really examine the Onyx display, taking in the broad spectrum of crystalline colours from black and blue to pink and red.

The LED backlit display features our White Onyx, Tiger Onyx, Red Onyx, Jade Onyx, and Pink Onyx. To complement this display, a floor to ceiling slab of our Cosmopolitan quartzite has been installed. The six metre tall slab shows off the incredible red and mauve hues through the stone.

The stones selected by the team in both our showrooms are the best of the best.

What we believe to be very popular today, and help solidify the ‘new era’ of Signorino,” John explains.

This has been coupled with a focus on Terrazzo in modern applications.

The Signorino office has also been revamped to provide a more progressive and collaborative space, whilst giving consideration to social distancing requirements. The office is now much more open and curated – like the newly reconfigured showrooms.

“Frankly speaking, we wanted to encompass the new requirements of social distancing, plus open space office that’s more interactive and progressive, more connected,” says John.

Experience the new era

The new showrooms offer customers and clients an “orchestrated shopping experience.”

With new products featured, and a more user-friendly flow that is colour coded, customers are going to be “quite shocked,” says John.

He is hopeful that the showrooms will experience what he calls ‘slingshot syndrome’ – and is optimistic for business to return to normal or better in the new normal.

For Signorino it’s a refresh and restart.


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