Designer Kitchen Tiles Across Australia

Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetics with Signorino Tiles 

With showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, Signorino offers a diverse collection of kitchen tiles that harmoniously merge functionality with contemporary design. Drawing from the ageless charm of natural stone, our tiles are set to metamorphose your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re captivated by the refined elegance of marble tile countertops or the style of terrazzo tiles, our assortment guarantees a kitchen that’s as functional as it is visually appealing. 

Statement-Making Splashbacks

A kitchen splashback transcends its protective role against spills and splatters; it’s a canvas to express your style. Our spectrum of splashback tiles spans from understated to pronounced designs, ensuring your culinary space is as pragmatic as it is chic. 

Resilient and Trendy Kitchen Floors 

Kitchens are bustling hubs, subject to frequent foot traffic, accidental spills, and the occasional dropped dish. Our kitchen floor tiles are crafted not just to endure these everyday challenges, but to do so with style. From expansive large format tiles that amplify space to intricate patterns that infuse personality, our tiles marry resilience with aesthetics. 

Countertops Marrying Elegance with Efficiency 

The countertop is undeniably the kitchen’s centrepiece, and our tiles ensure it remains the star. From luxurious stone kitchen tiles to durable ceramic options, our collection guarantees countertops that are as enchanting as they are enduring. 

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Do’s and Don’ts for Kitchen Tiles 


  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly cleanse your tiles with a gentle detergent to ward off stains and retain their sheen.

  • Seal Natural Stone: For aficionados of natural stone tiles, periodic sealing is imperative to shield against spills.

  • Grout Colour Matters: The hue of your grout can redefine your tiles’ appearance. Opt for a shade that augments your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. 

  • Heat-Resistant Tiles are Crucial: Especially near cooking zones, select tiles that can brave the heat. 


  • Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaners: Aggressive chemicals can mar the tile surface, especially if it’s natural stone. 

  • Smooth Tile Transitions are Key: Ensure a seamless transition between varied tile types or between tiles and other flooring. 

  • Harmonious Tones are Essential: Ensure your floor tiles and splashback tiles resonate in harmony. 

  • Prioritise Proper Installation: Correct installation is the bedrock of longevity and a refined finish. 

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation 

Signorino’s kitchen tiles, available across Australia, are tailored to address the distinct challenges and potentials of kitchen design. From backsplashes to floors to countertops, our tiles pledge a kitchen that’s as pleasurable to gaze upon as it is to whip up a meal in. Explore our offerings in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or Brisbane to find your ideal tiles.