Outdoor Tiles

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Signorino Tiles 

With showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, Signorino offers a diverse collection of outdoor tiles that seamlessly blend durability with design. Recognising that outdoor spaces are a continuation of your home, our tiles are crafted to amplify the beauty of these areas, from patios to gardens. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, or anywhere in between, our tiles are set to transform your exteriors.

Versatile Tiles for Every Outdoor Setting 

  • Patio and Deck Delights: Our patio and deck tiles, available across our Australian showrooms, are engineered to brave the elements while infusing sophistication into your outdoor relaxation zones. 
  • Garden and Backyard Brilliance: With our garden and backyard tiles, design pathways or features that resonate with the natural splendour of your verdant spaces. 
  • Balcony and Verandah Vistas: Elevate your choices of balcony and verandah tiles with our diverse range, making these areas your cherished relaxation nooks. 
  • Courtyard Charms and Porch Perfection: Our courtyard and porch tiles, including those for the front porch, marry durability with design, ensuring your entrances leave lasting impressions. 

Wall and Floor Solutions for the Outdoors 

From exterior wall tiles that command attention to outdoor floor tiles that promise grip and longevity, our selection caters to every outdoor surface need. Whether you’re seeking interlocking deck tiles for hassle-free installation or large outdoor tiles for a majestic appearance, Signorino has you covered. 

Premium Materials for Lasting Beauty 

Our extensive range, available across our Australian locations, spans from outdoor porcelain tiles to stone tiles for outdoor settings. Choose the rustic allure of sandstone tiles or the ageless sophistication of travertine tile for outdoor applications. For those with a penchant for modernity, our concrete and slate tiles offer contemporary and sleek designs. 

Our Favourite Products

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Do’s and Don’ts for Outdoor Tiles 


  • Regular Maintenance: Routinely cleanse your tiles to ward off moss and dirt accumulation.

  • Opt for Slip-Resistant Tiles: Especially crucial for damp areas to avert mishaps. 

  • Seal Natural Stone: Shield tiles like travertine and sandstone from the ravages of weather. 

  • Prioritise Tile Thickness: For outdoor applications, thicker tiles typically offer enhanced durability. 


  • Steer Clear of Glossy Tiles in Shady Spots: They can turn perilously slippery when damp. 

  • Smooth Tile Transitions are Essential: Ensure seamless transitions between varied outdoor zones. 

  • Harmonious Tones are Crucial: Ensure your tiles and outdoor furnishings resonate in harmony. 

  • Invest in Proper Installation: Correct installation is the cornerstone of durability and a refined finish. 

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation 

Signorino’s outdoor tiles, available across Australia, promise to transform any exterior space into a chic retreat. From tiles for steps outside to walls and floors, our tiles marry aesthetics with robustness. Explore our offerings in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or Brisbane to find the perfect tiles for your outdoor sanctuary.