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Terrazzo. A timeless material that defies trend and limitation. 
Revered and adored universally for its style, durability and adaptability to any architectural intention, terrazzo is a composite material consisting of chips of natural stone set in cement, making it an entirely natural and sustainable product. Signorino offers an exquisite array of 30m thick terrazzo slabs ideal for benchtops and other large format installations.

Signorino is proud to be the ambassador to the world’s leading brand of terrazzo tiles - EcoStone. Using the superior “terrastone” technology, our terrazzo is vacuum pressed, fully calibrated and factory pre-sealed, leaving it stronger and less porous than it’s market competitors. Read more about Terrastone technology below. 
Thanks to modern advances in terrazzo production, the colours, aggregate patterns and application possibilities are ever-expanding. 
Our premium terrazzo is available in a curated range of neutral tones, vibrant colour, and an impactful monochromatic series. 

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