Dive into the vibrant world of Signorino’s Cromie collection, a masterful fusion of sustainability and artistry that redefines the essence of tiled surfaces. Driven by the pursuit of beauty, blending experience and desire for innovation and sustainability, this exceptional range stands as a testament to the beauty of repurposed materials, transforming remnants of porphyry, quartz, and granite into a canvas of unparalleled aesthetic appeal.  

Crafted through a unique process that forgoes traditional firing for a more environmentally friendly method, these tiles are compacted under high pressure, creating a durable and beautiful product that mirrors the intricate textures and rich variances of natural stone. The production journey from raw, recycled material to the final product is a deliberate nod to the rhythms of nature, with air-drying techniques that significantly reduce the environmental footprint.  

The Cromie collection excels not just in its eco-conscious manufacturing but also in its visual diversity. Boasting 20 original-coloured tiles and an array of formats, it invites an infinite realm of design possibilities, enabling architects, designers, and homeowners to unleash their creativity. These tiles serve as a testament to the belief that sustainability need not come at the expense of beauty or variety. Whether it’s the subtle elegance of pastel shades or the bold statement of deeper tones, Cromie tiles provide the perfect medium for creative expression.  

The appeal of the Cromie collection lies in its ability to blend the tactile beauty of natural stone with the vibrant palette of an artist’s canvas. This range encourages a bold reimagining of spaces, allowing for the creation of feature walls, flooring, and accents that are not only eye-catching but also carry a story of environmental stewardship and innovative design. Each tile, with its unique colour and texture, offers a new opportunity for personal expression, transforming spaces into bespoke works of art that reflect the individual’s style and commitment to the planet.  

Choosing the Cromie collection from Signorino means embracing a world where design excellence and ecological responsibility converge. It’s an invitation to infuse your projects with colours that captivate, designs that inspire, and a philosophy that respects our collective home. Explore the boundless potential of the Cromie range and let your creative visions flourish in harmony with nature’s own masterpieces. 


  • Cromie Compact Blu Oltremare

  • Cromie Compact Terra Di Siena

  • Cromie Compact Verde Acqua

  • Cromie Compact Verde Bosco

  • Cromie Compact Verde Chiaro

  • Cromie Compact Verde Salvia

  • Cromie Compact Verde Scuro

  • Cromie Consolare Bianco

  • Cromie Consolare Blu Oltremare

  • Cromie Consolare Grigio

  • Cromie Consolare Mattone Cotto

  • Cromie Consolare Nero