Discover the unparalleled sophistication of XTONE with Signorino’s premier collection of large format porcelain tiles in Australia. Our curated selection embodies a fusion of elegance, resilience, and contemporary design, destined to enhance both residential and commercial environments with unparalleled grace. 

XTONE porcelain tiles are the epitome of versatility, designed to elevate the aesthetic of any space. Whether embarking on a kitchen renovation or crafting a captivating feature wall, our expansive range ensures a sleek and refined appeal. These large porcelain panels and slabs boast smooth, extensive surfaces that deliver a seamless, luxurious finish, setting a new benchmark for high-end design. 

Our portfolio extends to porcelain panels, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Celebrated for their robustness and exquisite appearance, these panels bear witness to the transformative power of exceptional design. Capable of redefining spaces, they add an element of sophistication to any endeavour, from grand commercial projects to intimate residential spaces. 

The pioneering designs of our porcelain sheets mark them as a prime choice for those in pursuit of a distinct and impactful visual statement. These expansive, large-format sheets are perfectly suited for creating dramatic walls, floors, and countertops, marrying practicality with luxury. Resilient against stains, scratches, and moisture, our porcelain offerings guarantee an enduring aesthetic. 

At Signorino, our mission is to deliver Australia’s finest selection of porcelain panels and slabs. Our dedication to quality, design innovation, and superior customer service cements our position as an industry leader. Recognising the significance of meticulous design, we present a diverse array of products designed to resonate with your unique preferences and requirements. 

Whether you’re conceptualising a new space or rejuvenating an existing one, Signorino’s XTONE collection is your quintessential porcelain solution. Immerse yourself in our array of porcelain slabs, panels, and sheets, and let our products redefine your space with unmatched elegance and style. Choose Signorino to infuse your design project with the luxury, durability, and beauty of our exclusive porcelain range. 


  • XTONE – Argos Black

  • XTONE – Ars Beige

  • XTONE – Astana Grey

  • XTONE – Blue Roma

  • XTONE – Bottega Acero

  • XTONE – Bottega Caliza

  • XTONE – Calacatta Green

  • XTONE – Fior di Bosco

  • XTONE – Glem White

  • XTONE – Montreal White

  • XTONE – Pietra Sicilia

  • XTONE – Solo White